Why I Love Baseball.

Ever since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by the sport of baseball. It speaks to me on so many levels that I will try to keep my comments short. In 1966, I remember that the Orioles beat the Dodgers badly; I was seven years old and baseball was all I and my friends in Santiago could talk, think and do. We Dominicans love the game as much as any other people. For years it has given multiple players from the island big time contracts. But why love baseball? My father loved, umpired and argued baseball all day every day. La Familia Social Club, a.k.a. “Los Peloteros,” guided by Chacho y sus tigueres. We lived, ate, played and slept baseball. But why? I think it’s the pace of the game, slow, sometimes rhythmic but always able to get some cold ones and really for me the biggest reason Baseball is America’s Pastime is the following: Fathers take their boys and girls to baseball games, there you eat your first dog, try to catch a foul ball and see Dad behaving like you, a kid. My Papa was one of our umpires in our baseball league; the Johnny Melendez Baseball League at 145 Audubon Avenue, NYC 10032, presided by Pablo Morales, “Chino” and the lessons learned serve to make us better men. Kudos to baseball and all sports as they help keep our youths off the streets. God Bless America Dudes, be good and be well.. Imagine how good we had it, all our friends played, ate, drank, sang and loved every minute of our lives; blessed, nothing more, nothing less. For us the Latin American, baseball is a way out; an avenue for success and a new life. But again, I would say that the biggest draw to an otherwise boring game is the FAMILY connection; baseball builds roots and saplings grow strong. A 1-0 baseball game is the stuff of dreams. No limit to play, 27 outs required, size has never mattered from Jose Altuve, Joe Morgan and Freddie Patek to Aaron Judge, Dave Winfield and Dave Kingman; baseball is subject to no field requirements. Some fields are big others small. The beauty of baseball lies in its “US” versus “THEM” mentality which brings to mind the fractured origin of our nation. Baseball more than the other major sports reflects the true nature of America’s formation. To this day, baseball lovers wear jerseys, caps and other items to show their true colors and their ability to defend those ideals. The American War For Southern Independence in the 1860’s sought to maintain an economic system that was due to fail. From those origins we have baseball. Love it, leave it or change the channel. GOD BLESS MY FAMILY, FRIENDS AND STUDENTS. Before I forget, Skarlet Jinjer, yeah!

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