Why I Love This Nation

The age of nine has been deemed, the age of reason. Children all score similarly until 9 as it becomes clear that things aren’t all right.

I came to Manhattan in September 1968; the lights over JFK were mesmerizing. I will never forget the smell of raindrops on hot asphalt as we entered the basement of 515.

Within days we ran, fought and stood up for ourselves; punks? Never.

I love this nation as it gave me a voice and a sense of purpose.

A nation that inspired me to learn all I can about her History.

For the past 49 years this is all I know, America my home. As I write emotions so strong overcome me for America is me, I love, cherish and want only the best for my home.

If you read this know that many of us disaffected, angry individuals LOVE AMERICA so much that WE WILL KILL, ANNIHILATE ANY ENEMY THAT THREATENS AMERICA’S INTEGRITY.


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