No Uncertainty

He was certain, at least, in his determination. He knew above anyone else that his moral conviction would carry the day. A non-believer, he believed in materialism but abhorred Marx who was, “pretentious,” in his continuing ever-increasing narrow-mindedness. I was force fed this crap as he was my older brother and couldn’t escape his continuing descent into self-righteousness. He was so proud of himself, so filled with good reviews from his friends and captives(his brood) but he neglected to look behind as the bodies piled up; all victims of his vitriolic endeavors, a man that breaks bottles and bats as his uncontrollable anger gets the best of him. A beast without tethers to keep its violence away from decent folks.

Again you want this? Come with it; family you don’t choose but bullshit mothafuggers I got shit for ya Lito; dfwmN!

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