McCain’s Legacy

Senator John McCain, Arizona Republican is the embodiment of service to country; duty to nation and commitment to the rule of law. A PATRIOT who has never wavered in his love for the United States of America. For this warrior to be derided, criticized or even mentioned in a negative light appals me to the core. No one knows more than this alumnus of the Hanoi Hilton Hotel where he, unwittingly, much like millions of enslaved Africans in the past, was forced to spend the worse of five years as an in-house resident.

In addition, warrior McCain is part of a legacy of service to country that stretches back to his granddaddy. I am no Republican or Democrat but if Senator McCain is unwilling to go along with 45 on health care reform well, so am I. I trust the warrior over the draft dodger anytime. Deferments be damned, Chicken Hawks all over the land calling for war with half a land, Korea is one country just like Viet-Nam; but remember our failures in that rice paddy. When do we learn to worry about home, spend money here we need it just as much. Help out everyone; it’s as if the lamp only lights the way for those not home but then you stumble for the light inside and soon cry out as you bump the shin bone, ouch!

McCain’s a great man, and for anyone to suggest otherwise, just shows ignorance and lack of pride, for a man who has given and despite brain cancer, continues to try to serve his nation with equanimity compassionately.

Kudos to John McCain, American Patriot!

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