From Leeholm To Sagamore

Tears streaked down his spectacled eyes and the shining cheshire grin of a smile now dimmed by the sorrow of a love lost, too distraught to notice or care he stumbled as if drunk from a night out with the roughnecks of Morton Hall. Now widowed and fatherless, he sought direction but found none, asked God the required whys and why not me before her as she was so lovely, so demure and such a light upon any darkened shore as she was the only thing that caused my heart to stir; no other woman can salve my broken heart and it is of no use for anyone to even try, but Corinne and Bamie, ever dutiful Bamie did give it a try and Edith came by and when she did Teddy’s tears dried up and now he knew he would survive not only but also thrive.

Edith Carow, a lady he had always known, but she knew him just as well; and in her heart of hearts she kept up a veil but Edith always knew that their love would somehow prove true. And with that love in hand, a total transformation took place and it was in this way that Teddy Roosevelt rose from a broken heart to lead the new nation into the century which saw America reach its prominence as a world power. Say what you may say but President Roosevelt at least knew what he wanted to do and he learned early on, that in politics the real only trick is to get along across the wide, deep aisle and in that way you can get legislation to be passed but if you are recalcitrant, belligerent and a gasbag then the whole situation needs a new invitation but not to 1600 but to 56th Street where everyone loves your old tired act of bullying your employees and all that other crap; you know grabbing women by the crotch….

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