The Emmys? Humbug!

Sunday September 17th a bunch of rich celebrities gathered to pat each other on their overly pompous backs filled with so much gas that it was a wonder that the venue did not go up in roaring flames since the evening started with that baitch Stephen Colbert and his tired attempts at humor through his doppelganger: Himself. Is the guy a real person or is he some Rupaul incarnation that we weren’t told about?

Anyway, let me get to the crux of the matter, as far as I saw the only winner from the evening was none other than? 45! The whole night was devoted to parody, caricature and bashing of President Trump. Listen I have many problems with the man but my forum is here If you ask me that whole thing was a waste of time and if I am Donald whom was probably watching the whole boondoggle I would go to sleep and the REMs would quickly come and I would go back to see how me(45), Pinky and the Brain would continue our nefarious plot to conquer the world, unfortunately after many entreaties with no effect 45 was still having trouble convincing ROCKETBOY to come on board and cooperate something that $5 ironically never learned given his privileged upbringing.

Again, $5 the clear winner; the Hollywood Elite: posers, dilettantes and gasbags waiting for a pin to…

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