Racism Knows No Bounds

Just now I chanced upon a thirty-something Black woman spewing some hate so vile, vitriolic and full with venom that even I, Mr. Personality was taken aback. Her passion was intensely connected to some form of disillusionment that had caused her to lose faith in others.
As I sat she spoke into her cellphone with a vehemence seen only in middle linebackers as they cross the threshhold and reach the quarterback. “You can’t count on Latinos or Asians as they are on some shit, shit half the Latinos think they white anyway that’s why I’m against interracial relationships, Black men are the easiest to fall for that shit but I don’t want no Hispanic with Black since all the white man wants is to divide and conquer.”
And as such she continued and all I could do was sit and idly listen to this woman’s insanity. Moral; we never know do we?
And one last thought as I leave; this woman was no crank or sociopath but the level of sophistication which her dress and style displayed could only hide her ignorance but for so long, eventually as with most things in life the truth is revealed and we are better off as people and society.

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