What’s Right With This Picture?


Well, as to what’s right with the picture? They are, as they hold rightist beliefs. Other than that we must wait for Mueller and other agencies to do their jobs. Yes, the spectre of a huge ongoing conspiracy is in the air and many leftists can’t wait to see 45 impeached and ousted from 1600.
As I blog 45 has a team of constitutional lawyers poring over the document looking for answers and ways to pardon his entire Trump Tower Cabinet. We know that Kushner, Manafort, etc. are tainted by the Big Babushka of Russian kopecks and rubles.
Personally, I don’t mind people making money, this IS a capitalist nation where the mighty dollar rules the day but there are laws and regulations that address the proper accumulation vis-a-vis  money.
45’s troubles stem from a loyalty code that only he, 45, understands. No one save Ivanka(maybe) knows the plan for the next term let alone four years.
I believe Business Man/ Hotelier Trump came to Washington thinking that all he had to do is pull out “the Art of the Deal,” read some excerpts and all of Georgetown and its vicinity would swoop down ala Andrew Jackson’s rabble of the 1830’s or Teddy Roosevelt’s re-shaping of America’s foreign policy, but no, what 45 has brought is an obtuseness, stubborness and terrible-two’s obsessiveness with criticism that begs for questions about mental clarity. Should we be concerned? Emphatically YES because 45 doesn’t play by the rules of engagement as he has brought his own considerable playbook for his style of American football which is “good” and not the “bad” style which causes concussions, sorry just saying.

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