Hump Day

Good morning to a windy Wednesday to all. Good health in the coming weeks as we prepare for the upcoming holidays. It seems that 2017 will soon make its way as all others have in the recent past, peacefully if such terms can ever be used again. We are living a nightmare of an administrator who doesn’t
understand the finer points of leading a huge conglomerate known as the United States of America. His supporters claim that he is being blocked? By whom? The GOP.
In the rarified air accessible only to those 1%’s, they shake their heads because they believed that 45 would do their bidding without fail but they clearly forgot the man’s mental and amoral make-up. Much like our “beloved” 3rd President, Jefferson; 45 at heart is an atheist. This administrator that can’t get out of his own blunders is in my opinion a non-believer that has fleeced his flock with lies and obfuscation.
I don’t believe in religion as it causes too much pain and death. I prefer to believe in an entity that is always forgiving, caring and inspirational. My entity never punishes but believes in tough love much like Judge Mathis who always sprinkles his constructive criticisms with laughter.
Our president I believe lacks compassion but he is an accomplished television personality with chameleon possibilities and tendencies.
Suffice to say, be on alert as the threat level will be on red for the next four years as threats, accusations and sanctions will rule the day. I just hope that our intelligence community keep doing its job of protecting the American people. At the end of the day we are just tax-paying citizens demanding that our government function properly. Is that too much to ask?

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