victimhood or advantage

The Peculiar Institution is a never-ending tale seemingly like pie square; ad infinitum and we could go on. B
ut today’s topic is victimhood. Are we as people of color adhering to the doctrine of reparations a bit too much? well, yes, if what I see along East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx has any bearing. Black women go into the center at Monterey Avenue bearing all the accoutrements of advantage not victimhood. Latinas, Muslims, Christians all are in the mix which is the welfare office. I mean, personally I know the intricacies first-hand.What I find offensive is the number of women decked out in their full regalia of firmly entrenched blond wig, long nails, accessorized cell phone and a nasty attitude. Sometimes it just seems hopeless to wish well upon others as they see it as some sign of weakness. Stay strong, focused and surely great God will provide. Until tomorrow…

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