The Bronx and Asthma

As a resident of the Bronx for the past 5 years, one thing you can’t miss is the amount of traffic running through the Bronx. Day and night cars, trucks and the like run roughshod over the streets of this most misunderstood of New York’s five boroughs. However the price to the health of the people here is an unusual amount of asthmatics living in the boogie down.
Due to its geography, the Bronx is part of the U.S. mainland and as such serves the larger interests of Corporate America who need their products, ideas and goods to reach the stores and malls A.S.A.P.
Presently there is considerable construction taking place all around this burg making breathing and quiet living a bit of a challenge. One bone that I have to pick with the people of the Bronx is their inability to curb their dogs which also adds to the traffic mess that we deal with on a daily. The other item that befuddles me is the number of people that don’t pay their fares. I was raised in 10032 and there the bus drivers don’t play that mess. Yes, they confront you and in Yonkers too. Riders pay their fares but in 10457 rarely. To boot you got folks who get pissed when the driver doesn’t stop where they want; after not paying but I digress.
The boom in construction coupled with the massive flow of traffic can only continue to plague the denizens of the home of Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, VCP and Hip Hop, the movement of a generation; while the health crisis cripples the health centers and more importantly, the people of the Bronx, home of Edgar Allen Poe whose poetry and dark story-telling shadows our thoughts and the labored breathing of the very poor who mainly reside in this less-chic borough.
Asthma is a chronic disease which afflicts too many students leading to countless absences and missed assignments.
Much like the opioid epidemic running rampant, measures must be taken to throttle these double menaces to our society, that’s one man’s opinion, ok?

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