The Aftermath

Now it was Tuesday somehow the pain should lessen or dull in its intensity; but it was not true as the horrors of 9/11 will never dissipate and forgiveness such a dear friend in the past finds it difficult to enter our hearts. Collateral damage, why? Innocents betrayed lose innocence which ideally is delayed but in our modern world SEX sells and F-rated wanna be porn stars get reality shows and now the hoes run the shows from a Wendy to Kardashians but that’s the lay of the land.

Title: Just Thinking

Who are we to judge others’ actions as we come uniquely prepared to mess up time and time again. Check out 43’s trajectory to 1600 Penn and no one can begrudge Arnold’s desire “pre-scandal” to amend the constitution of the U.S. Why not me as president? I am as tainted as 43; oh, I forgot I am an immigrant. My love for the stars and stripes is mathematically less than 45’s. Why? Please answer me if you know.

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